The Evolution Of Selena Gomez

Of the last graduating class of Disney stars, Selena Gomez is hands down the good girl of the bunch, not only in terms of lack of scandal and giant visible tattoos (okay she has a tiny heart on her wrist but that hardly counts). This goodness extends not only to her personal life but also her style, which is flirty and feminine but always sweet and somewhat modest (as modest as a pop star’s wardrobe can be, anyway). The 19-year old cutie has definitely amped up her fashion game in the past year, especially since she started dating mega heart-throb Justin Bieber (maybe they trade style tips?) and while she’s busy making her adult mark in the new Harmony Korine film Spring Breakers, we hope she never loses that good girl vibe she’s become well known for.

Click through the gallery to see how Selena’s style has evolved over the years, and let us know what you think of her looks!