Real Life Style Inspiration: Shelby Sells

For this week’s Real Life Style Inspiration, I chose to discuss the incredible style of my lovely friend Shelby Sells. She is a fun loving girl from Boise, Idaho (nah u da hoe ^_^) who now lives in Los Angeles where we met (she also happens to be BFF with previous Real Life Style Inspiration CHE BO)! Shelby is currently working as a Fashion PR & Social Media expert / Blogger and I must say, she is one of the coolest girls I’ve had the pleasure of meeting! She defines her personal style as that of a Party Monster mixed with a bit of influence from the 5th Element + Spice Girls + a little ghetto fab (she’s gotta keep her acrylics looking right yadadameen?). Needless to say, she dresses crazy (ask any of her friends LOL). Her favorite clothing stores to shop at are Topshop, Etsy, Solestruck and she is also a slave to Goodwill. Shelby’s favorite fashion designer is Jeremy Scott. She is truly inspired by anything crazy and out of the box, which I can definitely relate to! Check out the awesome photo gallery of some of my favorite pictures of her below!