The Curvy Girls’ Guide to Summer Fashion from The Curvy Fashionista!

A few weeks ago at Lucky FAAB I met an amazing woman, Marie Denee, who writes a delicious blog, The Curvy Fashionista. I was instantly drawn to her chic fashion sense and amazing enegry. While all of my friends grew up and eventually got boobs and curves, I have stayed a perpetual 14-year-old boy in my body. So while I cry inside Victoria’s Secret because they don’t make any cute bathing suits in a cup size small enough for my flat-chest, I know some of you live in the opposite end of the spectrum – wondering – What do I do in the Summer with the CURVES?!

I felt like a ton of the girls I read on Buzznet are models and dancers, and that someone needed to give some fashion advice for summer to my curvy readers – so I asked Marie if she would do an interview with me and share her tips, loves and brands that she thinks work best for all you gorgini curvy fashionistas!

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1. Whats the best way a curvy girl can wear a bathing suit this summer- which brands/styles do you love?

With Confidence! Honestly! When you put on your bathing suit, confidence must be put on too! I mean you are showing some skin, and so is everyone else! So, know that first. But I love both the skirted bikini and fun one pieces! Becca Etc, Monif C and Sorella Swim are great places to start! Fashion, form, and function are the three things I look for and these brands have it! Ashley Stewart, Lane Bryant, and Torrid also have a few fun pieces to play with!

2. I love summer dresses. Which brand styles do you love for a curvy girl? What are some things to stay away from?

I would never encourage a plus size girl to stay away from a certain item, but rather embrace the newness of silhouettes and shapes in plus size fashion! Bold colors, playful lengths, like the high lo dresses, but I die over a maxi!

A great strapless maxi in either a fun floral or bold and bright color takes the cake for me! Colorblocking is also still a strong trend for the summer and I suggest you find a few favorite colors to take the plunge in for summer! Yellows, oranges, pastels… you name it, go for it! I am also trying out the play on sheer! Asos Curve, Evans, and Nordstrom has great choices for these!

3. Everyone needs a low-key hanging out outfit for the summer. What do you suggest?

Bold hued denim and a great lightweight button up! Bright denim is going strong and will be here for a while! I think denim is already a bit more relaxed and pairing this with an easy top still keeps you fashionable but laid back without too much fuss! Paired with great studded flats or color blocked wedges, you are set to go!

4. What are some tricks that curvy girls can do to their clothes to make them fit/look better?

When it comes to feeling amazing in your clothes, ignore the sizing and wear what you amazing it, what fits and feels the best. When you feel good, you look good. Not all designers cut the same and your sizing can be all over the place, and THIS is normal and okay! Do not fret nor let the number dictate your beauty! It is all about embracing and loving you just as you are and the rest will fall into place, I promise!

Also, if you get the chance, visit some of the stores that carry plus in person. You get the full experience, you get to learn the fits and experience the brand in its entirety! Asides from visiting stores, read you favorite blogs and take a look at how they are wearing some of the items you may want to get a realistic idea! Oh, and visit the brand’s and blog’s facebook pages and twitter to reach out and ask questions!

5. What is the number one mistake curvy girls make when dressing themselves?

Thinking inside the book and thinking that they cannot wear a certain item because they are plus. Yes, you can wear stripes, yes, you can wear prints, yes, you can show your arms and legs… YES, you are entitled to fashion. By thinking outside your box of fashion, you expose yourself to retailers, fashion, trends, and designers who cater to your curves! I also think by thinking outside your box, you leave the fashion ties that bind you behind. Fashion becomes fun, and your confidence can be positively affected!

6. It’s hard to look at magazines and media and see all these size zero women that are deemed “perfect”- what advice would you give to girls about accepting their shape and loving their curvy bodies?!

Surround yourself with positive images and people. This means supporting the blogs, brands, and magazines that DO speak, show, and share a positive body image. They do exist and matter and will open your eyes to a whole new world of beauty, fashion, and personal style!

Hold yourself and friends accountable for how they talk- you know, no body shaming and putting one’s self or others down. It starts with YOU! You have the voice, power, and control of what you take into to your world! Also acknowledging that what you see in the media is not always real. Realizing the photo-shopped, mainstream ideals are only constructs that do not reflect the diversity of beauty will help you to understand that YOU ARE PERFECT JUST HOW YOU ARE!