Question of the Day: What’s the Weirdest Thing Anyone’s Ever Given You?

People like giving each other stuff. Sometimes, it’s how we show affection for the people we like. Since I don’t like anyone, I only give people grief. I am pretty sure that people like you because you are nice and stuff. I imagine that you have been given plenty of things. I am sure most of them are really nice things. Well, there have to be some odd items because everything can’t always be awesome.

It’s like when Ralphie’s aunt gave him whatever the hell that is up there for Christmas.

I am trying to think of weird things that people have given me and it’s kind of hard because I like free stuff. That isn’t entirely true. My one sister always gets me clothes that are way too big for me. They are usually shirts that I end up cutting the sleeves off of and using for the gym so my lard can flop out the side when I am on the treadmill.

Yay body ish00z!

Anypoop, I can’t think of any other weird stuff I’ve been given. One time, I got a Wii and then I was all WHAT I WANTED SOCKS AND T SHIRTS so I am probably really ungrateful or something. I just feel weird when people spend money on me so I just try to avoid it altogether.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me things about stuff. Oh and here’s a video of a cat:

What’s the weirdst thing anyone’s ever given you?