Question of the Day: Things That Changed Your Life

Sometimes I feel like I go on too much about how my upbringing wasn’t the best. Sometimes that’s true but when I think about it, it could’ve always be much worse. I am kind of glad it wasn’t. I am pleased that I grew up the way I did. All of that that’s over now. And that’s okay.

I didn’t have the kind of parents that the TV shot at me constantly. Did any of us? I feel like most of the things I should’ve learned from my parents I ended up learning in songs, books, movies, and every where else other than them. Not that my parents were bad people, they were just growing up while raising kids so maybe that wasn’t the best thing. Who knows.

That’s where these gifs come in. They are from some of my favorite movies and they remind me of the wonder that is in everything. That there was a time when everything was new. There was mystery at every turn and that if I look for it even now, it’s still there, waiting to be discovered. I don’t know where I would’ve learned that from if it wasn’t for these films, songs, and books that took me out of my worried head that wondered how the world would end.

Life is strange but it’s amazing and I love it. I would love it even more if I could get a ride in the cat bus.

What movies, books, songs, (whatever) changed your life?