Question of the Day: What Question Do You Hate Being Asked

Iz Hump Day, dear internet! Please to enjoy mai humps (or hump):

I don’t really have anything exciting to report right now other than well, nothing. Sorry. I only come to you bearing a QOTD that I yoinked from Twitter’s trending topics (big shock). Here’s the tt:


My favorite questions to be asked are usually these:

  • Why are you gay?/Are you gay?

I usually like to respond by saying “because it makes my parents mad,” or “no one hugged me as a child” or anything other than the obvious “I was born this way” that everyone loves saying these days.

Since I’m veggie or w/e, I really like it when people ask me:

  • What do you eat?

I EAT FOOD. It isn’t that hard to figure that one out.

I could go on forever because I usually don’t like it when people ask me questions or talk to me really. I am a curmudgeon, and I am okay with that.

Now it’s your turn. I know you all don’t like being asked questions sometimes but please don’t say that you hate being asked a Question of the Day or my heart will SHATTER and my death will be on your hands.

What questions do you hate being asked?