Question of the Day: What’s the Most Recent Awkward You’ve Encountered?

I’ve come to the conclusion that most of here are pretty awkward. By “here,” I mean the internet/Buzznet. I also mean that in a good way. I think that we are awkward because we know how to treat each other and much like a game of chess, we are usually the ones waiting to see what moves other people make so that we may smote them with our awesomeness.

That might be awkward (but more rad than anything)

So let us now talk about awkward things, conversations, and the like. Let’s talk about how when someone you just met tells you how he OH NEVERMIND THAT’S SAD. All of my awkward convos usually begin when I first meet people because WTF ARE WE SUPPOSED TO TALK ABOUT? IDEK who you are as a person or if you like the same stuff as me and I kind of don’t care.

Initial conversations ^

So yeah. Let the awkward commence. Tell us about some of the awk that you’ve recently encountered. Anything awkward, really. It doesn’t have to be conversations. It can be anything you like. Go!

What’s the most recent awkward you’ve encountered?