Question of the Day: Who’s the Most Important Person In Your Life?

Today’s Q comes from something that Buzznet’s Anime Queen drew:

The Person Most Important To Us

I thought that was really nice. Have you all thought about the important people in your life? I really wish that pizza was a person, because that’s pretty important to me. And no, not this:

because that is nightmares

Since Mothra’s Day is on Sunday for us here in the states, I thought about my mom for like 5 seconds. She’s very nice. I like her a lot. I really wish she was Mothra though.

If my mom was Mothra, she could get into epic battles, ruin cities, and pick me up after she was done (if she didn’t die or anything).

Anyway, my important people are my family and my dog. Oh and my friends. That’s very general. I won’t list anyone here because what if there is a government plot against that uses the people that I love as collateral or something? That would suck.

Now it’s your turn. Conspiracies aside, feel free to tell us who the most important peeps in your vida loca are.

Who’s the most important person in your life?