Question of the Day: What Was the Last Thing You Tried?

I am currently running on about 3 or so hours of sleep. Sometimes that happens. It happens a lot to me, though. It’s fun (JK). I got home pretty late last night and I had to take a shower. I also decided that I needed to find stuff that I later recalled was stolen out of my friend’s car a while back.

~ Only the gods know why I had to do that all at 1 in morning ~

As I hunted for things, Moo wanted to play. Since she is so damn cute, I couldn’t say no. We played around my studio apartment and she made this weird little noise whenever I growled and I almost died. It was the first time I ever heard Moo make a little squeal.

Once I decided to try sleeping, I just couldn’t do it. My brain kept thinking about the upcoming week of bikes and miles and sweat and sun. It feels like the first time again. Maybe Sade was wrong when she said it’s “Never As Good As the First Time.”

Sometimes I don’t really look before I leap. I suppose that is just part of who I am. I like pushing myself in strange ways. I’ve done this ride before but at the same time, it just seems like it’s brand new. I am excited and nervous and stuff.

So what does all of my rambling have to do with the QOTD? Let’s get to that now before I totally derail this train. Let’s talk about the thing that we tried. It has to be something that challenged you. Did you triumph? Did you fail? Tell us so we can talk about stuff. All that matters is that you tried and had FUN. GO!

What was the last thing you tried?