Photo Diary: Bamboozle 2012!

Hey Guys,

Last weekend I got the opportunity to go to Bamboozle in Asbury Park Beach in New Jersey! I was so stoked to be going to this big of a music festival right on the water! The weather was so perfect and I got to watch a ton of bands I love. I spent most of my time with my second family Boys Like Girls. It was really exciting being around them during one of their first shows back in a long time with some new stuff. They killed it as always. I also loved watching Sammy Adams! I have never seen him live but I’ve heard a lot of buzz. I got to interview a bunch of cool dudes and just talk about music, touring, girls, and festival goods. It was definitely a fun weekend with a bunch of my friends. Then I went and spent a couple days in Boston to relax and get some down time in before I head to New York for A World Of Dance show in Brooklyn this weekend!

So here are some pictures from my little east coast adventure!!