5 Simple DIYS To Spruce Up Your Summer Wardrobe

Summer is steadily creeping among us, and we’re so ready to transition our spring wear into some fresh, vibrant summer styles. Thank goodness for longer days so that we’re able to show off our summer fashion, but if you’re like me, shopping can really take a toll on your wallet.

If you want a new set of clothes that are also budget friendly, look no forward to your summer bff, the diy. People usually associate diy with ‘sewing,’ but I’ll let you on a little secret – these 5 awesome diys require no sewing machine use whatsoever – just a pair of scissors and a couple of other fun, mini tools.

Thanks to these five dedicated fashion diy bloggers, we’re now able to see how fun and easy it is to spruce up your undesired clothes. So, bring out those unflattering babies hidden in the back of the closet and let’s get revampin’!

Look through the gallery and caption to see which diy you’ll be doing this summer. Heck, why not do all of ’em?


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