Official ‘Teen Wolf’ Season Two Trailer!

Oh my god! This looks so amazing. There’s just so much goodness and excitement packed into that 2 minute trailer, I can’t even….

This is the first exclusive look at season two of Teen Wolf which is premiering on June 3rd right after theMTV Movie Awards!

The video begins with Colton Haynes who plays Jackson on the show, telling us that if the video reaches5 million views, they will give us Teen Wolf fans the first five minutes of the premier! How exciting!! What are you waiting for? After you watch it, share share share!

In this trailer, there’s a lot of things happening. But some important things that are shown to us are:

– It looks like Scott and Allison are in for some love trouble. They are seriously the definition of star-crossed lovers. I mean, a wolf hunter’s daughter and a wolf – not a very great mix.

Allison is going to do some more training and she definitely knows how to use that bow and arrow well. Maybe she should have played Katniss in The Hunger Games?

Derek, who is now the Alpha seems like he has become more evil and others are looking for him. It also looks like he will have a showdown with Scott, but will end up teaming together to fight off an “abomination.”

Jackson is now a werewolf!

– We are introduced to a new, and possibly important character – the first female werewolf, and it looks like she may be into Scott. You better watch out Alison.

Lydia is no longer a human, but we just don’t know what she is just yet.

That’s some of the things I got from this trailer, but there is just so much more if you watch it over and over again. I am superrr excited, I cannot wait. This is one of my favorite shows and I’m so glad it’ll be back soon! If you don’t watch this show, I really recommend you watch the first season before the second season premiers. You have a whole month to do it! Trust me, you will not regret it.

What do you think of the trailer? What are you most excited for!?