Official ‘Pretty Little Liars’ Season 3 Trailer!

And there you have it ladies and gents! The official trailer of season 3 of Pretty Little Liars!

The season 2 finale was definitely a shocker, and this season proves to be nothing less based on the trailer.

If you think the drama is over now that “A” is partly revealed, you are SO wrong. It has just began. The girls continue to receive messages, beginning with Emily – “I bet you remember me.” Aria is seen crying for help, Hanna is with Mona in her mental cell telling her how she destroyed her life, the girls digging up a grave, Garrett in his prison suit, and some romantic action between our favorite couples here and there.

Season 3 is just a month away, and will premier on June 5th, at 8/7, and remember it will now air on Tuesdays! The trailer looks so good and I cannot wait for one of my favorite shows to begin once again!!