Nina Dobrev Touches Conan O’ Brien’s Crotch When Doing Yoga Pose

Last night (May 9), Nina Dobrev, from The Vampire Diaries, appeared on Conan O’ Brien and he definitely enjoyed having her as a guest.

She was there to talk about Vampire Diaries but somehow they starting talking about yoga, and she agreed to show him one of her favorite yoga moves called “The Scorpion.” Nina needed a wall and since Conan is pretty tall, she decided to use him as her human wall.

And that’s when it happened! Her feet started on his chest and then ended up on his crotch! Woopsies! Nina laughed it and clearly so did Conan, he was beyond excited. He ran around the whole stage jumping for joy. It definitely made his day (or life?) because he screamed out “best job in the world!”

I thought this was pretty darn funny. Can I just say how gorgeous Nina is and omg, those legs are to die for! I am definitely going to give yoga another go. I wonder if Conan’s wife and Ian Somerhalder is jealous.

What do you think – funny or inappropriate?