New Music Videos From Kanye West and Jay-Z, Florence & The Machine, Miss May I and More

If you haven’t spent today surfing YouTube for the latest music videos, you’ve been missing out. There’s new music from music’s biggest names and upcoming artists served with a slice of visual delights so feast your eyes and ears on these fresh music videos.

Kanye West and Jay-Z

Kanye West and Jay-Z‘s video for “No Church In The Wild” may have only been online less than 24 hours but that hasn’t stopped it from gaining over a quarter of a million views and a cetain amount controversy. have already claimed that the rappers “have once again expressed their love of gratuitous violence” whereas have praised the Roman Gavras-directed mini-movie for “sparking a revolution”. Which party do you agree with?

Florence & The Machine

Directed by David Lachapelle and John Byrne, Florence Welch (and her accompanying electronic device) features in a hypnotic video for her latest release “Spectrum“. It features electric red hair, ballet and art deco set designs. It’s the kind of visual stimulus you’d create from stirring the Little Mermaid, Black Swan and The Great Gatsby in a large cauldron….of acid. It’s weird but who says that’s a bad thing?

Miss May ILoved‘ by Rock Sound magazine, Miss May I are a metalcore band hailing from Ohio. The video for their latest single, “Hey Mister”, is largely black and white and features rain, drowning, a little more rain and a seriously heavy dose of more dark imagery. If this is an indication of what’s to come from their album “At Heart” (out June 12th), expect angst (and rain) by the bucketload.

Pure Love Premiering on earlier today was the brand new video from Pure Love (compromised of ex-Gallows‘ Frank Carter and Jim Carroll) for their new single “Handsome Devils Club” (due out July 23rd). The promo video focuses on a small scale gig of the duo’s however it’s not one of those lazy live footage montages so fear not ‘real’ music video lovers.

Fairfield Remember Brighton pop-punkers MiMi Soya? “What happened to them, what are they doing now?” I hear you cry. Well after half of the band parted ways, the remaining members (Jorja and Mike) formed a new indie-rock outfit – Fairfield. After teasing their debut video with behind the scenes footage, they finally revealed the finished product yesterday. New band, new name, new sound, new song, new video – what are your thoughts?

Which of these new music videos is your favourite?

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