New Couple Alert: Drake And Tyra Banks?

It seems that Tyra Banks and Drake may be the newest couple in Hollywood. On May 4th, the two were spotted together in California at Disneyland sharing laughs, getting food together, and going on some rides.

In the photos above, they are dressed pretty casual (even Tyra who’s a top model) like they are on a date and are getting some yogurt. Drake even tried to disguise himself by sporting a fake moustache! Oh Aubrey.

Everyone started talking about the new couple and their age difference. I mean, Tyra is 38 and he’s only 25.

However, Gossip Cop turned down the rumor and said: “The two were NOT on a date, and they are NOT a ‘new couple.’” An insider told them that she and Drake ran into each other by accident and hung out, and they hardly know each other.

Well, maybe they got to know each other a bit? Maybe it was fate that they were there at the same time?

However, Tyra Banks did recently end her 3-year long relationship with John Utendahl AND Drake broke up with Dollicia Bryan in January. So, maybe it’s a little fast for them both to get into a new relationship. But hey, ever heard of rebounds?

What do you think? Are Drake and Tyra cute together – or is she just too old for him?