BubbleGoth Head Band Tutorial

DIY – BubbleGoth headband

You need:

– Strong paper or cardboard (it’s not absolutely necessary but helps to hold the spikes in place)

– fabric

– spikes

– fake flowers

– glue (I use E6000)

– needle and a thread

– elastic

Step 1 – Cut a strip out of paper. Mine is 12″x1.3″ but you can modify

Step 2 – Cut the sharp edges off

Step 3 – Cut the fabric about 13″ x 3.5″

Step 4 – Sew or hand stitch the fabric. If you’ve never done that before than the rule of thumb is that you stitch the inside of the fabric and then when you fold it inside out, the seams won’t show. You can actually flue the fabric around the paper as well but PVC that I’m using doesn’t respond well to any kind of glue. It gets bubbly and starts melting.

Step 5 – Turn it inside out. Pretty!

Step 6 – Slip the paper strip inside the fabric strip

Step 7 – attach the elastic and use the needle and the thread to tighten the edges around the elastic.

Step 8 – Screw in the spikes and glue on the flowers

Step 9 – Show it off!:)

If you make one, share with me by sending it to moonchildacademy@gmail.com

<3 I’ll put it up for other Moon Children to see on MoonChild Monday!


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