Magic Wands: Cosmic Nocturnal Pop With A Hint Of Pixie Dust

I cannot thank We’ve Got You Covered enough for introducing me to one of my favorite new bands, Magic Wands. Once I clicked here and listened to “Teenage Love” I was pretty much hooked instantly.

Magic Wands are a “lovewave” synthpop duo, fronted by Chris and Dexy Valentine, from Los Angeles, CA. They formed in 2008 when Chris got a hold of Dexy’s song, “Teenage Love,” on her Myspace page. Oh the miracles MySpace brought to so many lives back in the day. Dexy then moved from Los Angeles to Nashville, TN and the two began creating the magic that is Magic Wands. The name Magic Wands stems from the gift of a magic wand from Chris to Dexy while they were living on opposite sides of the country. So enchanting. <3

This past April, they released their debut album, Aloha Moon, which is filled with dreamy tribal nocturnal beach tracks along with a lovely sprinkling of fairy dust and a hint of 80’s fantasy pop. What the hell is “fantasy pop?” No idea. Just thought it was suitable. 😀 When I first listened to Aloha Moon, I kind of forgot where I was after the music stopped. That my friends, is what I call a damn good album! If you want to enter another galaxy for about 35 minutes, Aloha Moon is the album to dive into.

Now that I’ve annoyed you all with my cheesy ways of describing all things magical, I hope it has inspired you to check out Magic Wands and leave me bewitching comments on what you think of them! 😉