Lindsay Lohan Headed Back To Court Again!

The hot mess actress we all know and love(d), Lindsay Lohan, is in trouble with the law… again! According to OK! magazine, last month Lilo was in West Hollywood at the Standard Hotel when she attacked a female named Marissa Sullivan Douglas and Douglas is sticking by her story with the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Department on her side. Lindsay claims that the assault never took place because she was “at home watching TV” at the time of the supposed incident.

O Rly? Is that why Radar Online broke news this morning that you’re on the surveillance video of the Standard Hotel on the exact night and time of said scuffle?

Lindsay! Y U like orange jumpsuits??

This event comes on the heels of Lindsay’s last run in with the police as she came off of formal probation for that whole necklace fiasco last year.

Oh, and she still has a hit and run on her hands to deal with.

Any way you look at it, none of this bodes well for Lohan.

Do you think Lindsay’s image will ever recover?