Keltie Colleen’s Mexico Getaway!

Swoon took me to Mexcio this weekend to get away, get focused and get some sleep. I’ve been working my tail off! We went to check out the sites, and possibly find a place to host our wedding (next year) I’ve seen all these amazing blogs on my favorite wedding site Style Me Pretty about this town Sayulita and the beautiful, small weddings they have there. It’s a tiny beach town- so we rented a car to go check it out. It was amazing.

I thought about alot of things while I was away, and the main one was some advice I read in Twlya Tharp’s book about the creative process. I feel like I only have one tank of creative each day, and I spend most of it on the small picture- and if I want to change the world it is going to need to be with a much bigger picture- so you might see me less on the internet in the next few months- because I’ve been saying I was going to write a new book for a year and buzznet has taken up all my free time, so I think I might go away, write…love…enjoy…plan a wedding, be a human without being a human for you.

It’s what the ocean told me to do. More on that later. For now enjoy my photos!


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