Katy Perry Goes Goth: Hot or Not?

Katy Perry is known for changing up her style a lot. But recently she changed up it totally by going goth at the NARM Music Awards. Remember her bubble goth outfit at the KCAs? Well, this is pretty much the opposite of that.

She is sporting a black striped gown with sheer detailing. She tops it off with of course her dark purple hair, dark lips, studded black Louboutin pumps and a rosary necklace! Nice touch, Katy.

This is probably just another phase of fashion she’s going through and although not everyone may like it, I think she looks chic and nice. She didn’t over-do the goth look, so that’s good. Also, anyone else think that this style may have been influenced by her new rockstar boyfriend, Florence The Machine‘s guitar player, Robert Ackroyd? Maybe.

Do you like the goth look on Katy or does it need to go? Hot or Not?