Joe Jonas Needs A Date! Any Takers?

Reblogged from Patty

We all know Joe Jonas‘ dating history pretty much to a T: from celebs like Taylor Swift and Camilla Belle to Demi Lovato and Ashley Greene to his last known date model Martha Patterson. While his track record hasn’t been the smoothest (remember T-Swift’s voicemail break-up?), the middle JoBro seems to be living – and loving! – the single life, which begs the question: If you had “the choice,” would you go out with Joe Jonas?

You just might get the chance! Joe is one of the male celebrities slated to join The Choice, an upcoming celebrity reality TV dating show. In each episode, four celebs sit on chairs that spin (much like The Voice) and listen to four non-celebs (and prospective loves) pitch themselves. There are three rounds until each celeb has narrowed it down to one date.

Entertainment Weekly has the complete list of the lucky celeb bachelors and bachelorettes (including our boy Joe Jonas!). Other male celebs include: Rob Kardashian, Pauly D, Mike “The Situation” Sorrentino, Romeo, Taylor Hicks (?), and more here.

Which celeb would you want to go on a date with? If you had to pick one of the celebs on The Choice, who would you choose?