After anxiously and impatiently awaiting the arrival of my package, I finally received it just a few minutes ago… how exciting! I ordered the “I Hate Everyone” Vintage Army Jacket (that I mentioned before here.)

I am always pleased to share my personal Jac Vanek purchasing stories, because there are always my favourite. I never have anything bad to say. My items always come in the greatest condition! These items was shipped first class mail, possibly because it was the personalized army jacket. Speaking of… it is the comfiest jacket known to man. I slipped on the over-sized jacket to see if it was really as comfortable as it says, and it really is. I absolutely love it; I’m never taking it off.

My bracelets came in the same great condition (as always). I ordered the Aliens skinny bracelet, the Stay Weird tie-dye bracelet and the FREAK bracelet. The most durable bracelets I can have, because I tend to break my jewelry… all the time…

Here are some of my own personal pictures!

Overall, every item was what I expected to be… actually better! My orders always come super quickly and I have never had a missing item or damaged item.

I highly suggest buying from Jac Vanek. You will never regret it!

On a side note, HAPPY BIRTHDAY JAC!