Hayden Panettiere Wants YOUR Prom Dress!

Now that prom season is coming to an end, what to do with that one-time-use fabulous dress? If you aren’t going to use it again, Hayden Panettiere wants it! I know what you’re thinking: what does the 22-year-old actress want with my prom dress? The actress/humanitarian doesn’t need for herself – she’s working with DoSomething.org for their first ever prom dress donation campaign, Prom for All!

Check out what Hayden has to say:

Prom for All aims to get young people to collect formal dresses for those girls less fortunate who may not have the sufficient funds to afford them and give them the opportunity to have an equally enjoyable prom. Those who participate in the campaign and get their friends involved are eligible to win a $2,000 scholarship as well as a night on the town in a limo!

To learn more about Prom for All, please visit www.dosomething.org/prom or text PROM to 38383.

Will you be wearing your prom dress again?