‘Gossip Girl’ Season 5 Finale Scoop!

The Season 5 finale of Gossip Girl titled “The Return Of The Ring” will air on Monday, May 14! That’s only 3 days away! I am sooo excited, and by the looks of this promo, it is going to be one hell of an episode.

This episode is going to be very special because (other than the fact that it’s the season finale) Blair is finally going to choose between Chuck and Dan. Why does this remind me of Elena choosing between Damon and Stefan? Haha.

Dan and Serena are going to sleep together, uh-oh! Blair wants to find Serena’s dirtiest secret, Chuck and Bart get into a huge fight and Chuck has had enough of Blair’s games.

However, there has been some amazing scoop on the season finale as well!


According to sources, Blair and Chuck are seen happily locking eyes at a casino table in Vegas, ooh-la la, someone in the episode will see the ORIGINAL GG. OMG! The final scene of this episode will only feature two characters (male & female) and on top of all that, this scene will not be in New York. I’m guessing it’s either Blair and Dan in Rome or Blair and Chuck in Vegas? I hope it’s CHAIR, I need them to be together already!! Whichever it is, I know it’ll definitely be a shocker! I’m expecting a cliffhanger because GG writers are just like that.

As for whether there will be a season 6 of Gossip Girl, well the fate is in your hands! Make sure to tune in on Monday to watch because we will need as many viewers as we can get since May 17 will be the date of CW’s meeting to announce their fall season, and if we can get enough viewers for the season finale, we may just get ourselves another season!

Are you excited for the season finale? Who do you want Blair to pick – Chuck or Dan?