Gifted Week!

I got so many amazing gifts this week I thought I’d show them off! <3

First, my friend Ago from Iiris had sent me their new cd. I was so happy. I love Iiris! I think they have a very bright future ahead of them, mark my words:) The song titles are off the hook, the visuals are beautiful and Iirise’s voice is haunting over Ago’s quirky electronic beats.

Then I found a package from Manic Panic! I use their hair color all the time so I was excited to get a gift from them. I’ve been thinking about going purple again for like 2 weeks until I get bored:) So they sent me this purple color I use + this very goth dark red lipstick <3

And last, but not least, Lime Crime was so sweet and sent me their new product – Palette D’antoinette. The colors are incredible, I wanna eat them. Can’t wait to try this out!! I’ve been looking for a pink eye shadow that wouldn’t be dark neon forever.

Thank you for these amazing gifts!!


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