13 Tribal Print Tops To Vibe Out In

Tribal, Aztec, or Ethnic, whatever you call it, these prints are pretty vibin’. Vibrant and elegant, tribal prints are basically THE thing to wear for attention-grabbing-festivities. Although you’ll need to wait another year for Bamboozle, I’m pretty sure you can find some rockin’ festivities to wear these colourful garments to.

So, how can you pull off this amazing print? Here are a couple of tips on just how to shine in this vivid pattern.

1. Complement – Since the tribal print is pretty much eye-catching already, you don’t want the rest of your outfit to be too clashing. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t wear bold colours to go along with the top! You can wear red, electric blue, or even yellow bottoms, but just make sure they’re solid coloured so that your top can be the main focus.

2. Confidence – While it’s easy to to take a couple of garments and complement each other, the most important attribute to have when wearing these flamboyant prints is to have confidence. Take note that when you’re wearing a tribal print, you’ll be sure you’ll be grabbing someone’s attention, so take confidence in that you’re being noticed!

Go ahead, take these tips well and see which tops you’ll be snagging for your wardrobe.


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