Fitness Motivation: Miley Cyrus

Miley Cyrus has been making headlines for her new slender ( and super toned ) figure. It’s actually been quite a controversial topic lately. Some say miss Cyrus is too skinny and has a problem with working out too much and under eating. I say that those people are crazy. Miley is just in AMAZING shape and staying healthy! Not too long ago Miley announced that she has a gluten allergy, and has since started a Gluten free/dairy free diet. Eating gluten and dairy free has definitely helped her lose weight. Miley also likes to stay in shape by doing pilates regulary. She can also be seen running with her dogs near her Toluca Lake home. I don’t think that she’s doing anything drastic, she’s just taking care of her body. She’s young, so of course she’s going to lose weight faster than celebrities in their 30s & 40s –that doesn’t mean she has a problem. People are just jealous because they wish they had the free time, independent wealth, energy, a 19-year-old’s metabolism etc.. ( that she does ) . I also have a gluten allergy and have begun a gluten free diet. Miley has become my fitness idol! I wish I had her motivation to work out. I need to start excercising more. After checking out these photos, I’m DEFINITELY going to start ASAP! ROCK ON MILEY! &Stay healthy kids lol xx