First Look: ‘Glee’ Goes One Direction At Prom!

It’s almost the end of the school year for the kids at McKinley High School on Glee, which can only mean one thing: the tail end of the season! Yes, season 3 is coming to a close pretty soon with only prom, Nationals and graduation standing in the way of the end of the eventful season.

Last week on Glee we saw Rachel (Lea Michele) completely blow her audition to the famed NYADA, only to have her dreams crushed. (Sheesh, does that girl know how to cry or what?!) In the promo for tomorrow night’s big episode, we see that student body president Brittany (Heather Morris) decided that the prom theme for McKinley’s seniors is… dinosaur? Other spoilers include: Rachel’s post-NYADA rejection face, Finn (birthday week boy Cory Monteith) starting a fight, and the New Directions covering One Direction‘s “What Makes You Beautiful.”

Here are some sneak peeks of tomorrow’s “Prom-asaurus” episode:

What’s been your favorite cover on Glee so far this season?