First 10 Minutes Of First Episode Of ‘Teen Wolf ‘Season 2!

Remember how excited I was when the official ‘Teen Wolf‘ season two trailer came out?

Well, right now I’m ten times more excited than I was then because now we have THE FIRST TEN MINUTES OF THE FIRST EPISODE OF SEASON 2. MTV said they would show it to us once the trailer reached 5 million views, and since it did, duh, we now have the ten minute footage!

After watching this, I have many emotions. It was bloody amazing! First of all, seeing Jackson come out of that water was so hot. Colton Haynes shirtless is a dream come true, haha.

Then seeing the flashbacks Scott has of what happened with him and Allison was just so sad. But then seeing them get it on definitely made me happy again. They are so hot together and you can feel the chemistry between them. I wonder how long their sneaking around will last before her parents catch them!

Now the part that really blew my mind? Lydia’s scene! I always know shower scenes never turn out too well, especially in horror/supernatural/thriller movies or shows. I really don’t know what happened to Lydia, or what she is now but I’m so excited to find out! Stiles was so cute, and I love how he is so in love with her. Poor Lydia though, if Scott heard her scream, she must definitely be in some pretty big trouble.

Overall, this footage, even though it was only 10 minutes, got me so much more excited for the premiere on June 3rd! I cannot wait!!

What did you think of the footage? What do you think happened to Lydia?