A Fashionista’s Guide To Looking Cute At Warped Tour: PART 1 (The Outfit)

With Warped Tour right around the corner, I’am already looking at clothes for this years fest. How many of you guys have watched those surviving Warped Tour videos online? I know I have seen thousands and every single one mentions something about “Don’t Wear Nice Clothes To Warped.”

I love fashion, and music festivals are one of my favorite times to look cute and experiment. Yes, Warped is like going to a desert island but why cant you look cute on that island too? I’ve put together my top looks for this year’s Warped Tour that will make you stand out. You will not only be cool (weather-wise), but also look fashionable.

This is part one in my series in “A Fashionista’s Guide To Looking Cute At Warped Tour.” Each week I’ll post a new guide (Shoes, Accessories, Hats, Sunglasses) that is Warped-friendly!

Enjoy and let me know what you plan on wearing to Warped 2012!

(All These Outfits Are Available At Forever 21)