Elvis Where Are You

I feel like I haven’t sat down and written one of these in so long! Saying I have been busy would be an under statement. We are currently in an astrology zone where people either get it or they don’t. If you continue to do the same things that never work and expect a different outcome your never going to grow. You have to address problems and it they can’t be fixed you have to move on. You can’t polish a pile of dirt forever and expect it to grow flowers unless you plant the seed. Probably has a lot to do with the eclipse and dark moon. Im starting cupping and accupuncture again next week… kinda scared. I always have out of body experiences during the sessions, not my favorite feelings ever.

Next week im shooting another cover story and editorial for a magazine, im pretty exicited about it! I need to start getting my mood boards and style pulls together. I don’t think most people realize I art direct and style 99% of all my shoots. It’s kinda a lot of work but I love that im in control of my image! Putting some finishing touches on the books. They are going to be well worth the wait. My friend said something that made me wake up in my own reality, she told me I keep thinking I need people around but I only need myself and im using everyone else as a crutch and excuse of why im not where I want to be. Kinda made me mad for a second but there is truth behind that. Don’t ever lose your independance, don’t wait on other people sometimes you have to draw a line and jump! No one will ever care about you and your path as much as you do!

Meeting with a programmer this week about my fashion virtual empire project im embarking on. I can’t say much about it now but lets just say it’s going to be big! I wish I could give you guys a date for the new Spring 2012 collections, they are still in production, im hoping they will be up for you to buy within the next few weeks! I already got my Coco De Coeur hat samples and they are looking pretty rad! Thursday im shooting some of my old clothes from shoots and editorials for Audrey’s Closet. Basically a virtual pop up shop for you guys, think of it as a online yard sale! Thursday night im going to a Chakra yoga and the 5 tibetan healing rites class that im looking forward too. I will make sure to keep you posted on my next weeks adventures!

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