Crew Love #3 Feat. Breathe Carolina’s Sal Torres!

Here is my 3rd post for Crew Love and I would like to introduce you to Sal Torres! Sal is a wonderful, talented person as well as one of my closest friends! He is currently working with Breathe Carolina so maybe you can even see him at a show or two!! If you are a music lover or looking into touring one day, I highly reccommend reading this interview! Enjoy<3

BH: When did you first realize you had such a love for music?

ST: As long as I can remember, I’ve loved music. When I was younger about 8 or 9 I used to play piano and have recitals. As I got a little older I grew past that. I never really kept up with any other instruments but I was always fascinated with music and entertainment. I remember laying in bed every night and praying saying “Please let me do something with music, ANYTHING!” haha I don’t know if god answered or I had strong will. I only do this because I love music. Im helping the bigger picture happen. I can do budgets and schedules all day, but at the end of the day we are making a performance happen where people pay to come and enjoy themselves for once. They can possibly have a horrible life and this one time they are able to be happy and have a good time, I always try to remember that.

BH: When did you first start taking that talent on the road?

ST: Well growing up in San Diego,CA I was always around shows and local bands. Sometimes I would ride along to shows in LA or Vegas. My very first legit tour was 2004 Vans Warped Tour and I went out with Underminded. I had to do merch and we helped build the Smart Punk stage everyday. This by far was the most physically challenging tour with all the long hours, drives and just shittyness, but great at the same time.

BH: You are a good cook and always know the best places to eat, so what are some of the top food places that stand out to you in the U.S?

ST: Oh man, I definitely love to cook. I use an app called TV FOOD MAPS that find places that have been on TV shows that are around me. I suggest you get that shit.

Here are my top 5 places:

1. Lolitas Taco shop – San Diego,CA

2. Fire on the Mountain – Portland,OR

3.Rudy’s BBQ – all around Texas

4. Les Halles Brasserie – NYC,NY

5. Mesa Grill – NYC,NY

BH: Define YOUR perfect tour.

ST: I strive to create the perfect tour every time we have the responsibility of headlining. That’s what I want to stress is that it is a responsibility to headline. We are the ones with all the power and information. I always try to make every single person try to have the best experience possible on our tour. I’ve gone on many tours where I wasn’t comfortable and honestly didn’t even know everyone’s name. Every tour we headline I have a start of tour meeting with every single person on tour. It’s a chance for me to welcome everyone, go over rules and guide lines and they can put a face to who is who. I also make everyone introduce them selves to each other by saying where they are from and what their favorite record at the time is. This is such a good ice breaker and really sets a great positive tone for the tour.

BH: Describe what the average day is like on the road as a band member and as a crew member.

ST: For me everyday can be similar to the last. It really depends on the city or venue. I try to stay as organized as possible so if you find me one day Im usually working on things a few months from that point. That day is just a chance for me to take care of any bullshit.

BH: What memory stands out to you the most from being on tour?

ST: Everyday, now that Im with Breathe Carolina everyday is better than the last. We have a such a good time and are all best friends so those great memories keep on coming.

BH: Do you have any favorite states or venues that you prefer?

ST: Oh yea. I absolutely love the NORVA or THE NATIONAL both in Virginia. They have the best amenities out of any venue. Complete with basketball courts, laundry, hot tubs and saunas!!

BH: If you could design the “TOUR BUS OF ALL TOUR BUSES” what would it look like, inside and out!

ST: Duh, it would be murdered out with gold wheels. It would be totally custom inside with every apple product, you AIR PLAY anything on the TV’s inside and play music wirelessly. I would just make sure it had a good shower and the best possible wifi!!

BH: What is your next step/goals of 2012?

ST: Longevity is the name of the game. I have no ambition or aspirations to work with any other artists I strictly work for Breathe Carolina and we are all just working hard as possible with the opportunities that are being set before us. Its taken me almost 10 years to find this place that I call my “perfect situation”. I wake up happy and go to sleep happy, that’s all I can ask for. They are the greatest human beings Ive ever had the pleasure of meeting and being able to do our best together.

BH: Any last words for everyone checking this out??

ST: Do what you want! Work hard and smart. I came from nothing, it was all self will to get to this point. Always live life with no regrets, but be smart about it. Always choose right over wrong. Hard work is a physical definition of progress.

Who do YOU want to see featured next?!!