Crew Love #2: Dylan Dagan

Hey Guys, It is finally back, I got a new Crew Love for ya!! Let me know what you think!!! <3

BH: When did you first realize you had such a love for music?

DD: When I was in the womb listening to Meatloaf’s “Bat Out of Hell.”

BH: When did you first start taking that talent on the road?

DD: As soon as I exited that womb, but I didn’t start getting paid for it until about 2006.

BH: Since you have been in the band and behind the scenes, what are some of your favorite things from each end of the spectrum?

DD: Contrary to popular belief, I have never been in a band, but I have a very large stage presence so I can see how some may come to that assumption. Hands down, the best part on each end of the spectrum is being able to tour the country with my friends and meeting new people.

BH: Define YOUR perfect tour.

DD: Short drives, days off, late nights, good friends, big money.

BH: Describe what the average day is like on the road as a band member and as a crew member.

DD: Band member: whine about crew members. Crew member: whine about band members. It’s still fun either way.

BH: What memory stands out to you the most from being on tour?

DD: There are too many to name!

BH: Do you have any favorite states or venues that you prefer?

DD: Showcase Live at Foxboro, MA; The Rave in Milwaukee, WI; Hard Rock in Las Vegas, NV; The Regency Ballroom in San Francisco, CA

BH: If you could design the “TOUR BUS OF ALL TOUR BUSES” what would it look like, inside and out!

DD: It would have a hot tub, a full bar, waitstaff, a trailer with a car and a motorcycle, every television station ever (with a satellite that never goes out), a toilet you can shit in, walk-in closets, a sane bus driver, a never ending supply of water for the showers, a full sized stocked fridge, a pool table, a casino where I always win, a private chef, a rooftop deck with bar and grill, and it would look like the General Lee from Dukes of Hazzard

BH: What is your next step/goals of 2012?

DD: Stay busy!

BH: Any last words for everyone checking this out?? DD: Hope to see you all out on the road this year!