On the Cover: Joy Division

When I was tiny, I remember watching some day time talk show where the subject was OMG PEOPLE WITH PURPLE HAIR; HOW DIFFERENT! This one dude that looked really sad and recoiled into himself was a vision to me and he was wearing the “Love Will Tear Us Apart” t shirt.


Since I didn’t know what that was and I liked the image because it looked like how I felt inside, I decided to find out what this was a referenece to. Mind you, this was when you had to find out what stuff was sans internet and that made it all the more difficult because a) I was super small and b) there weren’t really any record stores around where I grew up.

I don’t know how it happened (well maybe I stole something from someone equally as depressing as me, who really knows?) but I ended up with a mix tape that had a bunch of Joy Division songs on it. AN ACTUAL CASSETTE. It was a good time.

Ever since then, I have often pondered the sad of Joy Division. The depair. The whatever post punk IDEK I am not getting into it type of stuff. I just know I liked them because of reasons and I am not alone.

Here are a few bands/people that I like that like Joy Division as well. I KNOW THIS ISN’T A FULL GIANT LIST OF BANDS THAT COVERED JOY DIVISION SO DEAL WITH IT.

Let’s just all talk about how Ian Curtis was pretty nifty and made some good stuff with the short time he was on this planet.

Girl In A Coma – Transmission

GIAC is my spirit animal.

Face to Face – Interzone


The Killers – Shadowplay

This isn’t that far of a stretch from the original but anything The Killers reminds me of someone and I like this song a lot.

Nine Inch Nails – Dead Souls

If you know anything about me, I totally have a Trent Reznor boner and this is just OMG I CA-OH NEVER MIND.

Patrick Stump – Love Will Tear Us Apart

Hey it’s that one dude from that band! Once PStump is able to do his thing with the vocals, it’s really rather lovely. I love Patrick’s voice.

Girls Against Boys – She’s Lost Control


El Ten Eleven – Disorder

El Ten Eleven is rad no matter what. I like how turn the vocals into instument whatever. There’s probably a technical term for that but whatever. They are amazing and fun.

John Frusciante – New Dawn Fades

I was trying to find a cover of this song that wasn’t awful (Moby) and this is really what I was looking for. It’s amazing.