Coolest Job Award: Alexandra Patsavas

If you watched the season finales of Gossip Girl and Hart Of Dixie last night, you might have come across the newest Bing commercial featuring Alexandra Patsavas. Patsavas is a music supervisor and owner of Chop Shop Music Supervision, which has it’s own music label associated with Atlantic Records, Chop Shop Records. The label’s roster includes singer-songwriter Anya Marina, Scars on 45, and The Republic Tigers to name a few. Billboard has named her one of the “Top Women In Music.”

Patsavas has selected, supervised and produced songs featured on The O.C., Grey’s Anatomy, Hart Of Dixie, Gossip Girl, and all four Twilight Saga films which is how I originally discovered her; I tend to read album sleeves religiously. Her work consists of approaching bands and artists about requesting licensing permission to include songs on certain shows. Sometimes by adding unsigned or non-mainstream artists, she is helping them gain a platform to promote their music to a wider audience. That leads to viewers turning to social media to get more info on these bands. With the help of music recognition apps such as Shazam, people can discover what song they’re listening to on TV simply by holding their cell phone up to the TV while the song is playing. Greatest app ever invented! I’ve found lots of bands on Gossip Girl that way such as my new favorite, Magic Wands. Her influence is making a major impact in the music world.

This girl literally has the coolest job in the world! Imagine getting paid to make certain scenes in television and movies stand out with that one perfect song? I do that already in my mind when I’m reading a book or just living life. Sometimes I wonder why shows don’t include certain songs in a scene they would fit perfectly in. I’m completely in awe of Alex’s job and I only hope to be as successful as her someday.

Here’s a look at the Bing commercial if you haven’t seen it:

What is your dream job?