My Chemical Romance To Record New Album Next Month

It’s time to start marking the xs on your calendar as My Chemical Romance have confirmed that they will begin recording their follow-up to 2010’s “Danger Days…” very soon. In an online interview published yesterday, guitarist Frank Iero revealed that the band are only several weeks away from recording their new album.

Iero told The Aquarian, “I can’t wait to start tracking. I think we’re maybe a month away from the record button lighting up.” Although My Chemical Romance are currently keeping tight-lipped about the direction of their new album (Iero’s response to The Aquarian’s request for “clues” on new material was “No fucking way“), Iero did reveal that the writing process is “going really well”.

In other news, Frank Iero has called Michael Pediconea thieving piece of garbage” but that’s not really anything new, is it?

Are you excited to hear this news; what direction are you hoping MCR will take?