Buzznet Exclusive: T.Mills Spills On Everything Bamboozle!

Summer music festivals are in full swing and this weekend Buzznet is hanging out at Bamboozle! The three day festival in Asbury Park, NJ is packed with an impressive line-up of music’s best bands and artists, including one of our personal favorites, T. Mills! We caught up with the Riverside Ca, rapper to talk about his favorite festival memory, why Bamboozle rules and how he feels about taking the stage to perform!

Who Are you most excited to check out at Bamboozle?

I’m most excited to see Brand New and my NY homie A$AP Rocky!

What are three things fans need to bring to survive Bamboozle?

Sunscreen! Cell phone charger and $$$$$

Favorite local spot in Asbury Park to eat?

I haven’t tried anything yet. Someone show me around!

What are your best memories coming to Bamboozle as a fan?

I had to sell t-shirts at a merch tent in 2009 for my friends company. I remember saying. ‘I’ll be playing this next year!’ and I actually did. 2012 will be my third year on Bamboozle.

Favorite festival food?

Funnel cake.

What do you think makes Bamboozle different from other festivals?

It’s three days of the best acts in music. What other weekend can you see Skrillex, Mac, Brand New, Bon Jovi & Incubus??!!! It’s like going to your first concert again. The way the event is ran is so professional and comforting. The staff is always hella cool. Not to mention the FANS. The amount of love and support I’ve received at this festival has made a lasting memory and earned a top spot in my list of fave shows.

Are you going to Bamboozle? Will you watch T. Mills? Sound off in the comments!