Britney Spears – Choose Your Beat [New Fan Made Video]

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Hey guys,after a month I come back with a new video!It’s the intro track of my friend Marina first album and since I love it so much, I thought to made a fanmade about Britney (you already listened something about Marina last year, when I uploaded “Britney, you are supreme like a rainbow after rain” music video)Well, what I can say about this video, it can has more than one interpretation: I linked Curious commercial plot with the song since it’s something of mystical inside both.I like the beat and the lyrics and I tried to make a good lip syncin’ work.

So I hope you like it!

Song: Hardbeat/IntroArtist: Marina LuczenkoAlbum: HardbeatYear: 2011Record Label: Fonografika

For entertainment only!

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