The Best Of Both Worlds: Featuring Kellin Quinn!!

Music Lovers, What do I mean by best of both worlds?! I mean that I am sure you can agree with me when I say there is nothing better than a frontman who can scream their lungs out and jump around on stage but then can stand outside and play an acoustic set like a boss! That to me is just impressive, the whole package really! I decided to start doing galleries on some screamers in bands who also got pipes like no other!! I have proudly worked for one of the bands that I feel best represents that and that is Sleeping With Sirens so I am featuring Kellin Quinn first, however, there are MANY more bands that are equally as talented!

I put 2 videos below for you to see the heavy and acoustic side of Sleeping With Sirens, ENJOY!!

Who do YOU want to see featured next?!!!