Backstage Buzz At American Idol: Who Fears Twilight Fans Will Hate Them?

In less than a month, a new American Idol will be crowned. As exciting as it is to watch the contestants perform each week and chat with them about how they’re evolving into seasoned pros, there are a other more important matters at hand, like…do they like Harry Potter or Twilight better?

When we caught upi with the final five after Wednesday night’s performance show, we posed the ever important question and found out country cutie Skylar Lainehas never seen or read anything Twilight! A fact she fears will affect winning over fans and securing their votes!

“Someone from Twilight tweeted me, ” she spilled. “I don’t know who they are. I’m sorry, I’ve been meaning to watch the Twilight movies, you know. Now I’m going to have all the Twilight fans hating me.”

Hollie Cavanagh also weighed in on the Twilight vs. Harry Potter debate.

“I think I like Harry Potter better,” she said. “I think I do! Watch out!”

Another elimination happens Thursday night…who do you think will be going home?