Last time my Internet almost doesn’t work and I couldn’t a normal added stuffs and read what you wanted show to world. It made me so sad because Buzznet means for me something more than when I was here first time. Buzznet is like a family place.

But right now I feel like these cats…. btw where is light and free time in my life??? Where are you?? Scream to me….

I feel so hard because I don;t have time to life.. I sleep only 4-5 hours daily… need a little good dreams….. and I had to do interview with someone but I didn;t send questions.. i’ll send tomorrow…

I have many projects in plans but I’ll say about it coming soon because atmosphere around me is so crazy and my poor mp3 player died…. goodbye music, goodbye happiness…..

awww I’m to tired by works on farm and learning to exams… today almost 5 hours… first exam in Saturday and I don;t remember anything

Many love,