8 Things You Don’t Know About Emily Maynard

Hey guys,

So the big premiere of Emily’s season of the Bachelorette is Monday on ABC. I’ve been sitting around watching everyone and their mother give their two cents about Emily, her season, what she wants, what she doesn’t want. I thought since Em was a super fan of my blog and book (she likes to RT me when I talk about love :), that I would put my two cents in by telling you guys something that the world won’t expect about Emily. I’ve been approached by pretty much every magazine for gossip, and I just think that stuff always gets spinned around and made dirty to sell stories. Bleh.

Ps. I haven’t seen or spoken to Emily since she left for the show. I believe that they take her phone while she films, and I have no idea the outcome (but I kinda hope she ends up with the water dude with the cool hipster hair, because I get good vibes from his hair in the photos)

1-Emily likes grungy guys. We had dinner when she came to hang with me in Myrtle Beach and we talked about our love of musicians, rocker types, slightly dirty and with that sense of style. I think everyone expects Em to love the “Ken”, to her “Barbie”, but she’s really not into that. She doesn’t care about abs and all that. I saw that there were some music guys in her cast-very cool!

2-Emily is not as “sweet” as she appeared on her season of the Bachelor. Emily is actually pretty sassy and smart in real life. She calls it like it is, and doesn’t just sit around smiling and looking pretty. She’s got strong opinions on things. Me likey.

3-She is as polite as you would imagine. I swear hanging out with Emily means hearing “yes ma’me” millions of times, she really has that southern charm. I’m Canadian, so you have to be REALLY polite to out polite me. She’s also really thoughtful, she sent me the coolest Beatles Passport cover for my birthday! (The Beatles are the way to my heart!)

4-Emily is as insecure about her looks and life as any of us. Of course we think-but HOW could such a beautiful knockout feel bad about herself? It’s true. That’s what I love about her the most, she still stresses over diets, and working out, and bad hair days just like all of us.

5-We talked in great detail many, many times about if she should do the show or not. At first, she was totally against it, but over time as she spent more time alone at home that changed. We talked and I told her that; of course the show is about love and finding “the one” but more than that, the show is about adventure. It’s about doing and seeing the world, having amazing goose bump filled moments, meeting amazing humans from all over, opening yourself up, and learning about yourself. If you had to ask my opinion, this is why she did the show. I think she’s looking for love, of course, any single person wants that. But, I feel like there are many reasons to do the show that have to do with your heart, that are not dependent on if you have a diamond ring at the end!

6-Em was VERY concerned with how R would take this, and having her with her at all times. She made them film in Charlotte, and told me she wanted to have some really “normal” dates. Dates where they would be making cupcakes for R’s class, or hanging out. She knew that someone she ended up with would need to be able to click with her while doing those things, I love that.

7-She was really excited about the clothes! There is an amazing stylist who works on the show!I think I speak for everyone when I say “We are AS EXCITED to see what she wears as we are to go to Possesionista to see how to get it!” Right? Right.

8-Money. Every person is talking about money!! I will say that Emily never once spoke of money to me. I know that she seems as though that was not a focus for her. I have no idea why, or how, but I know that she has a nice house, anice car and some nice shoes but still shops at forever 21 sometimes. It wasn’t about money, so let’s all stop talking about it.

Of course, there were lots of other stuff that we talked about that I will never share- that’s the code of being a girlfriend!!! But I hope you all enjoy the show and follow along with me (@keltiecolleen) while she is on. I couldn’t be more excited and I am so glad we had our girls weekend right before she left. I think all of the people who were at my convention in Myrtle Beach will be pretty surprised to see my sassy merch girl on TV! (We are good at keeping secrets!)

Ps. Let’s all remember that 98% of what you read in the news is NOT true. Emily is radical, kind and had a big heart. That is the truth!