Fashion Flaws of Emma Stone

I posted a gallery previously of my favourite Emma Stone looks, so now I feel it’s time to post about her red carpet flops. When putting together the seventy-five picture gallery of her fashion hits, I did manage to find some (only five) of outfits I wasn’t a big fan of.

Dress #1: 2011 – Chanel Pre-Oscar Dinner. I could learn to love the dress but I’m not a fan of the jean jacket she paired it with and the bracelet. I feel like this is more of a goth prom dress.

Dress #2: 2011 – Crazy, Stupid, Love Premiere. The dress is actually gorgeous with the lace and all, but the bulges on the hips look ridiculous, unflattering and just awkward.

Dress #3: 2011 – Zurich Festival “The Help” Screening. I’m not digging the prom dress look at all. It’s too poofy. If it was a form-fitting dress, it would look gorgeous.

Dress #4: 2012 – Costume Intitute Gala. This looks like something on Toddlers and Tiaras…

Dress #5: 2012 – Vanity Fair Oscar Party. Ugh, this one makes me want to cry. EVERY year, I have loved her Vanity Fair Oscar Party outfits, but this one just looks like a trash bag thrown in with some netted clothing. Such a disappointment.