WIN: ‘No Room For Rockstars’ Giveaway

The new rock n roll Warped Tour documentary, No Room For Rockstars, shows fans what it’s really like to be on the three-month punk rock tour. Bands like No Doubt, Eminem, Green Day and Blink-182, have all been part of the rigorous summer tour that launched them into becoming household names. But it’s not all fun and games.

The documentary showcases the behind the scenes moments of the ups and downs of being on the tour. It tells the story what Warped Tour means to emerging artist, artistes who have already cultivated a following and what it means to the droves of fans who attend each year across the country. Check out this clip from No Room For Rockstars.

To celebrate this new film, Buzznet will be giving away three prize packs as well as a grand prize including a Vans book, which includes a chapter on the history of The Vans Warped Tour. Sweet!

Here is how you can win!

Tweet @BUZZNET who you are most excited to see on this year’s Warped Tour and include the hashtag #NoRoomForRockstars — and you are entered to win! Also be sure to follow us so we can notifiy you if you are one of our lucky winners on Friday, April 6th.

Will you go see his new documentary? What bands would you want to follow behind the scenes on Warped Tour?