Why Was Miley Cyrus Rushed To The ER Last Night?

Miley Cyrus‘ weight has been a constant issue in the media as of late: from Twitter haters commenting that the 18-year-old starlet is too fat to the speculation that she is anorexic. TMZ reports that Miley made a trip to the emergency room last night, causing major concern for the star’s health. Could health issues be the cause of the trip to the ER?

Not quite! On the night of April 16th, Miley was at her Toluca Lake home cooking when the knife she was using to cut food ended up cutting her instead. Ouch! Miley’s grandmother, mother Tish Cyrus and boyfriend Liam Hemsworth took her to the E.R. where she was stitched up. Miley was seen leaving the hospital with a white bandage wrapped around her left index finger with blood seeping through it.

Hope Miley is okay!

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