Which Pop Star Is One Direction’s Harry Styles Eyeing? (Hint: NOT Rihanna!)

One Direction heartthrob Harry Styles is quite the ladies man! The 18-year-old singer has been pursuing ladies left and right, from young (but engaged!) female reporters to music superstars like Rihanna! But alas RiRi isn’t the only high profile female celeb on Harry’s radar: he’s also been caught texting another pop star! Who could it be?

None other than young crooner Taylor Swift! According to The Herald Sun, the two met and exchanged digits at the 2012 Kids Choice Awards last month, and have been texting each other ever since.

When asked about Tay-Tay, he admitted: “We met in America, she’s very nice, yes. She is very talented… She’s very nice… We’re friends.”

Only time will tell whether or not this is just a friendly pop star relationship or more than friends!

Do you think Taylor and Harry would make a cute couple?