Week 5: ‘Dancing With The Stars’

I know I normally post two of these a week but I’m going to go down to one a week that way I can fill you in on a lot more!

This week, love is definitely in the air! Maria Menounos and Derek Hough finally kiss! They are such a cute pairing and he’s always so sweet to her– even after he dropped her on her face in practice this week! Mark Ballas got a little kick to the junk by partner Katherine Jenks, and William Levy was named front runner (too early?)

Jaleel = 24 : Samba

Melissa= 21: Salsa

Maria= 27: Salsa

Katherine= 29: Tango

Gavin= 19: Samba

William= 29: Samba

Gladys= 22: Samba (Anyone else shocked that she is still going)

Roshon= 26: Salsa

Donald= 27: Tango

The Bottom 2 brought us Gavin Degraw and Jaleel White. This week was a little different because they had to have a dance battle to see who would be headed home. All three judges saved Jaleel (no surprise there). So sad to see Gavin headed home, but hey maybe he’ll bust out some moves on his tour this summer!

Selena Gomez and The Scene also performed (Weird, I thought they took a break while she did movies)

What Do You Think Of Gavin Leaving And Selena Returning?