WATCH: Scouts Premiere ‘Skeleton’ Music Video

Scouts are one of our favorite up and coming bands — and today we have their brand new music video for the catchy single, “Skeleton”! RAD!

The three boys from Southern CA have been hard at work on an all new EP, and from what we can tell it’s going to be amazing! Check out the performance video for “Skeleton” here, and read our Q&A with the boys below!

Who are your musical influences?

Everything from legendary bands like The Clash and The Police, to more modern bands like Blink 182, Deathcab for Cutie and The Killers. We’re even into artists like Drake and Usher. We love great songs regardless of genre!

What do you like to do besides play music?

We play Call of Duty and eat a lot of junk food. Basically we love to hang out with our close friends and family and talk about the most idiotic random stuff we can think of. I feel badly for people who are introduced to us for the first time.

Do you all have any nicknames for each other?

Well the only real one is mine. I write and produce music for television & radio and my production name is “Skins”. The members of the band actually never call me by my real name. When we first met, I was introduced to them as “Skins” so it just kind of stuck.

Who was your first concert?

Hilariously enough the first real concert that I ever attended was “Rhythm Syndicate” and “Right Said Fred”.

What was the last CD you bought?

The new Miike Snow record. It’s amazing!

What inspired your new EP?

I think that just writing and playing the music that we wanted to hear was what inspired it. We aren’t breaking boundaries or reinventing the wheel here, but we just felt like these were great songs and we wanted to record them. I don’t think any of us knew that a legitimate band would come out of it and we certainly didn’t expect the reaction that it’s gotten so far. We are truly happy and appreciative with the response and feel blessed that people still believe in real music. – Jerrod Bettis – drummer producer

Keep and eye on these guys, they are going to be big!

What do you think of “Skeleton”?