Vampire Diaries Recap: Episode “Heart Of Darkness”

Who watched tonight’s episode of Vampire Diaries, “Heart of Darkness?” You should have because it was one of the many great episodes this season! It was even better for me because I am a huge “Delena” (Damon & Elena) fan and this episode was all (mostly) about them! There was also some Caroline and Tyler action! Check out my recap and what I thought of the episode below!

First of all, let’s talk about Caroline and Tyler, shall we? Tyler is back in town after days or maybe months of trying to become stronger and practising turning into a werewolf (how fun!) in the Appalachian Mountains. Matt, being the good guy he is, keeps Rebekah busy with planning the Decade Dance so she doesn’t find out about Tyler and run to tell Klaus. Unfortunately, it seems that Rebekah may be falling for Matt because he dropped her home and is being so nice to her. Little does she know, he’s just using her. I feel really bad for Rebekah, I mean, this girl has been through a lot. All she really wants is for someone to love her, and she always falls too hard, too fast. And on top of that, when she comes home, her mother is there and dies in her hands, literally holding hands.

On the bright side, there is a very romantic moment (or should I say steamy?) when Tyler and Caroline reunite! Take a look yourself:

Pretty amazing right? If you want to see more of that, then you should check out the episode.

Now let’s move on to the even better part, the part I had been waiting for for weeks! The Delena scene that every Delena shipper has basically been wanting for 3 years now.

Damon and Elena decide to take a trip to visit Jeremy and get him out of there because Elena thinks he is in danger now since Klaus wants something and he may use Jeremy to get it. It is Stefan’s idea for Damon and Elena to go on the roadtrip together. UM Stefan, you know this is a bad idea…do you just want your heartbroken again? Elena wants to go too because she wants to see if Stefan’s right about her having feelings for Damon. They do get Jeremy but unfortunately, there is already a vampire there. He attacks Damon, but of course Damon, being the strong and sexy vampire he is, has enough strength to stab him and escape with Elena and Jeremy. They stay in a motel and want Jeremy to contact Rose from the dead so that they can find out if Klaus is in their bloodline. During the motel, some steamy things happen.

Elena is in bed and Damon walks in SHIRTLESS (OMGOMGOMG FREAKING OUT) but unfortunately puts on his shirt. But hey we could still see his abs. Now if you thought the scene Caroline and Tyler was hot, then you will love this. Here are great GIFS of what happens next just because I can’t even begin to explain it because I will just start freaking out again like I did when I was watching the episode. Here you go:

Damon walks in shirtless, Elena sees him.
Elena stares creepily like he’s a piece of meat (HE IS)

Damon catches her and gets in bed with her and does this:

She feels bad for it or weird or some kind of emotion and walks out of the motel to go outside. Damon walks out after her AND THEN THAT IS WHEN THE MOST EPIC SCENE BETWEEN DELENA HAPPENS:

And that’s that ladies and gents! If only Jeremy hadn’t walked in them while they were making out, this COULD HAVE lead to Delena sex. I mean, come on, we waited so longgg! But oh well, maybe in the next season.

I think this whole scene was just so cute, and I loved it so much omgg. Unfortunately after they go to visit the house of Mary to ask her about Klaus and the bloodline, the vampire has already killed her and he injures Damon very badly and leaves. During this scene, however Damon and Elena have a sad moment because Elena wants him to change and be good but Damon can’t just change, and he says that “this time I’m not going to make it so easy for you.” Uh oh, we’ll see what he means by that! Hm, I should probably stop going on and on about how awesome these Delena scenes were and actually tell you guys what else happened in this episode.

Well let’s see, while Delena is busy making out, Stefan is at home trying to beat up Alaric so that his alter ego could come out. This is because he’s the only one who knows where the last steak is hidden. After a good hit, he finally does come out, and tells Stefan the steak is in the cave where vampires can’t enter. Rebekah is the one that goes along with Alaric (alter-ego Alaric) to the cave so that he can give her the steak.

AND GUESS WHAT HAPPENS?! Well you probably know if you’ve watched the episode but if you don’t then SPOILER SPOILER.

Rebekah walks right in to the part of the cave where vampires can’t enter. How? Well, because it’s not Rebekah, it’s her mother, Esther. When she died, she took over Rebekah’s body!! And on top of that, she decides to team up with Alaric’s alter-ego to kill the entire vampire blood. What a twist! But really what is up with all this body possessing? Haven’t we had enough? Plus, I like Rebekah. Leave her alone Esther!

And that’s that lovely Vampire Diaries fans! I hope you enjoyed that episode as much as I did, and if you are a Stelena fan, then I’m sorry. I can’t wait for next week!

Let me know what you thought of this episode and which part was your favorite! And of course if you liked that steamy Delena scene. 😉